About SGF

My name is Phil Bender and I am proud to have been a part of the celiac community since 1997.  A lot has changed in twenty years!

While I respect that everybody has experienced their own health journey, those of us arriving at a strict gluten free diet have a lot in common.

I strive to find the balance of strictly adhering to a gluten free diet while also enjoying the company of friends and family in a public setting — after all, eating in restaurants is part of our American culture!  Yes, it can be done.

I have navigated 100+ business trips with celiac disease so have experienced the good, the bad and the “don’t get it” ugly.

My goal is to establish a website that showcases the “get it” restaurants — where you can enjoy a delicious meal that is Served Gluten Free.

DISCLAIMER:  This website is provided as a free service to support the celiac community.  No assurances or guarantees are made to the accuracy of the information on this website which changes dynamically.  You are encouraged to be vigilant about your own choices.  ServedGlutenFree is not liable for any information provided on this website.